Wembley to Wembley – Hillingdon Borough v Wembley


And so it has begun. The Extra-Preliminary round of the oldest cup competition in the world kicked off on Saturday, in the humble but welcoming surroundings of The Middlesex Stadium, with Spartan South Midland Premier League side Wembley FC making the short trip to Hillingdon Borough of the Spartan South Midland Division One team Hillingdon Borough. Continue reading Wembley to Wembley – Hillingdon Borough v Wembley

Wembley to Wembley – The FA Cup Challenge


The FA Cup is the cup of dreams, where little ol’ Dover can take on Premier League Palace, where Wigan can win in the dying minutes against Man City’s billionaires, and where, dare I say it, Jonathan Tehoue can score a late equaliser through Manuel Almunia’s legs against Arsenal. When it comes to excitement and drama, whoever you are and whatever your club’s bank balance, the FA Cup can provide. Continue reading Wembley to Wembley – The FA Cup Challenge

The Season Ahead

Leicester players celebrate
Leicester players celebrate

So, the first weekend of the English football season has been and gone, and with it our first chance to see what our clubs might be capable of. While not much can or should be taken from a single performance with a group of rusty players who may or may not yet have gelled, the first match seems somehow to foreshadow the upcoming season. And with that in mind, we present to you what you may come to see over the next eight months (nb. We are often wrong, so this may haunt us by May…). Continue reading The Season Ahead

An Open Letter to Coventry Fans


Dear fellow Coventry Fans,

Although it has been almost two years since we had to replace Mark Robbins as our manager, I can imagine that some of you are experiencing a sense of déjà vu as we look to appoint a new manager after the departure of Steven Pressley. One of the harbingers of modern football is a willingness to dispose of managers when the problems of a football club run deeper than the performances that the fans see on the pitch. Having said this, it was clear to see that Pressley was running out of ideas and he was working against the clock as the club tried to avoid relegation. Continue reading An Open Letter to Coventry Fans

The Future of Football Dominance

Ajax fans demonstrate against 'sugar-daddy' owners
Ajax fans demonstrate against ‘sugar-daddy’ owners

It is the secret dream of most football fans – a billionaire owner, with more money than sense, and a passion for winning, buys your team. Your dream manager is appointed, having been poached from Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, and puts together a team of exceptional talent. Your team is quickly, ruthlessly dragged from mediocrity to the elite. Of course, some have learnt to their cost that the dream becomes a nightmare. Continue reading The Future of Football Dominance

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