The Death Match

When people think of the Nazis and football, most would think of Escape to Victory, the film in which Bobby Moore, Michael Caine and Pele, Prisoners of War, play for the pride of the allies and draw, carried out of the stadium on the shoulders of the oppressed French citizens to a jingoistic, triumphant soundtrack. Fewer people know that it was inspired by a match in the Ukraine between the occupied and the occupiers. What Escape does not show is half the team being executed for defying their conquerors. That is the dark secret of the Death Match. At least, that’s what we’ve all been told. Continue reading The Death Match

Championship Manager 89/90 Challenge: Pre-season ’89

It is 1989. There is a female Prime Minister. The Conservatives have been in government for a decade, but their grip on power is now tentative. Labour are ahead in the polls, but are tearing themselves apart as the Centrists do battle with the traditional Left. Unemployment is falling, but the economy is still fragile. The far-right protests against Islamic influence in Britain, while British holidaymakers are stranded at airports in Europe. It really is 1989, honest. Continue reading Championship Manager 89/90 Challenge: Pre-season ’89

Road to Wembley 2017/18: Extra-Preliminary Round

It’s here again! The FA Cup, the world’s oldest cup competition, has returned, and this time we have more reporters than ever before bringing you their own Road to Wembley, their own personal journey’s through the competition, as they aim to see every round from the first weekend of August to the last game in May. And we will be with them every step of the way…

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Cult Heroes: Alan Kennedy

Barney The Red

Many great footballers have graced the turf at Anfield, players such as Billy Liddell, Kenny Dalglish, Alan Hansen, Graeme Souness and Steven Gerrard just to name a select few.

Fans not only warm to great footballers but a person who has touched them for whatever reason, the personality of the individual, or a player who reminds them of themselves or a local lad, one of their own, are a few examples of this.  For me, my hero growing up as a massive Liverpool fan was Alan Kennedy or as he is still fondly known as, “Barney”. Continue reading Cult Heroes: Alan Kennedy

Vegan Dreams: Forest Green Rovers, The Little Club on the Hill

In amongst the renowned, rolling hills of the Cotswolds, Nailsworth is a picturesque little chocolate-box kind of town. The kind of place that feels as though it has been nestled into the valleys, hiding from history, unchanged and untouched for centuries. Look closely, however, and there is some encroachment from the modern world. A Tesco sits in the middle of town, the memorial clock tower is a stone’s throw from a plastic factory, and now, in Forest Green Rovers, they have a team in the Football League. Continue reading Vegan Dreams: Forest Green Rovers, The Little Club on the Hill

Road to Wembley: Final

And here it is, all the way to the final, the Road to Wembley is complete! A huge congratulations to our reporters, some who made it all the way, some who had to drop out a little earlier – they’ll all now know that the whimsical idea of following the FA Cup from August to the Final is, actually, a lot harder that it seems over a few summer beers! Let’s hope some more hardy fools give it a go next year!

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Barcelona: The End of the Cycle?

Certain teams capture the imagination of us all and define a generation of football. The 1930s Arsenal team, the 1960s Inter Milan side and the 1970s Ajax that put them to the sword, and the 1980s Liverpool side that forced English football to the forefront of peoples minds. We are lucky that, for the last decade, Barcelona have more than fulfilled this need for global idols. But is their time coming to an end? Continue reading Barcelona: The End of the Cycle?

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